Antonio Sanchez Quartet

  • 8. 7. 2020, 20:00, 3. Backstage Live Pula 2020, INK Pula
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An all-star ensemble where the imagination, creativity and improvisational talents of each member elevates the group experience to boundless heights.  Rooted in tradition with an overt modern twist, the repertoire is adventurous yet sufficiently open to provide space for enthralling in-the-moment musical adventure.  The ambition and mission of this all-star unit makes it among the most riveting and electrifying groups on the scene…for the limited time it will exist given the other obligations on the part of the principals.

Antonio Sanchez – Drums
Donny McCaslin – Saxophone
Miguel Zenon – Saxophone
Scott Colley – Bass


Donny McCaslin


Miguel Zenon

Scott Colley


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