Terms of use

User data is any data that describes the user of the website in more detail. User data are all data identifying the user’s identity, including but not limited to: name and surname, e-mail address, physical address, preferences, interests, viewed products, executed orders, etc.

User data processing is any action or set of actions performed in relation to user data, automatically or otherwise, such as collecting, capturing, organizing, saving, modifying or amending, retrieving, inspecting, using, detecting by transfer, publishing or making them available in other ways, categorizing or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying, and the implementation of logical, mathematical and other operations with these data.

By accessing the web shop and by registering, user gives the seller the permission to process his / her user data. Same data is used for internal data recording, product and service improvement, customization of website content according to user preferences, occasional sending of promotional content regarding new products, special offers and other business related information, for occasional research of website users etc. Katalpa produkcija j.d.o.o. (http://zgjazzfestival.com)  is committed to keeping the privacy of user’s user and will handle them in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and other applicable regulations. Katalpa produkcija j.d.o.o. (http://zgjazzfestival.com/) must not engage in unauthorized use of user data or make user data available to third parties, unless in cases when that is allowed by special regulations or is necessary for the purpose of performing contractual obligations. All Katalpa produkcija j.d.o.o.  (http://zgjazzfestival.com) employees and business partners are responsible for observing the principles of privacy protection.

In case of any changes of personal data recorded during registration, user is obligated to inform Katalpa produkcija j.d.o.o. (http://zgjazzfestival.com)  of such a change by sending an e-mail to: info@zgjazzfestival.com. In case the user does not want Katalpa produkcija j.d.o.o.  (http://zgjazzfestival.com)  to process his / her user data in any way or wishes to delete user data, he / she must also inform Katalpa produkcija j.d.o.o. (http://zgjazzfestival.com) about it by sending an e-mail to: info@zgjazzfestival.com